Monday, 27 September 2010

Change #18: Mindful spending

It's funny how all these little changes are adding up and connecting to each other. Obviously changes occur to me as I am going along, as well as the great ideas that people have given me. My increasing mindfulness is almost taking on a life of its own, which is surely verging on the oxymoronic? Automatic mindfulness? So in recognising my needs and wants, being aware of what I need to seriously change my life, I have started to notice how money disappears into an insubstantial void. You get paid, you pay bills, you have cash - it's gone! What do you have to show for this dynamic process? A lot in the bin, a lot on the scales,  reams of paper, stuff all over the house? Any or all of these. And how do I feel - tired, broke, waiting for pay day....
And now I have a developing awareness, and an urge and motivation to do something constructive about it. Utilising my newly developing mindful skills I am analysing my needs then waiting to see if I really want to spend it. Additional complications are other people of course, especially if they love to spend and it's all joint finances. it is still possible though, and I'm going to focus on my great goal of paying off the mortgage! Keep you posted.
  1. No alcohol – not even with all my 16 scribbler buddies
  2. Mindful eating – again, I have managed to go out with friends to restaurants and not eat anything that I don't want to
  3. Daily body scan – even managed this on a bunk bed in a Youth Hostel!
  4. Charity shop shopping – didn't find any today, but tempted by books
  5. Mindful breathing every hour – used this a lot today to get through a report that needed writing
  6. Remembering my friends – easy when you are suddenly surrounded by 9 of them
  7. Smiling regularly – spent much of my evening laughing out loud
  8. Help if and when I can – naming this out loud helps to acknowledge that it is an ok thing to do
  9. Italian conversation class – soon
  10. Becoming a blogger – developing speedier processing for adding links and pics and looking for more obscure stuff
  11. Writing 10 mins daily – easier with people who  love to write
  12. Drinking a glass of water every hour – harder when you are out and about, but still able to grab the chance when I could
  13. Thinking about it, before I say yes or no – yes
  14. Having my eyes tested – waiting for improvements
  15. Walking in the fresh air every day – there is such a thing as too much walking, I need more balance
  16. Pilates core exercise throughout day – can feel this strengthening my back
  17. Listening to my needs/wants – but not always acting accordingly

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