Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Change #10: Becoming a blogger

These changes are starting to have some real impact on me and I was thinking, and it had been suggested that I might like to record them on a blog. Well, I thought to myself, how on earth would I go about that. Help was at hand in the wonderful and shapely form of the aforementioned Cassie. After a stab in the dark and my confession that I did not know how to change anything, I had a freebie IT lesson, along with superb stylistic design hints and tips. The result, you see before you. Cassie, cannot be held responsible for the content. But in two or three short messages, she has upped my competence and confidence no end. I think she will be life coaching next!
So this change is not only recording the impact of this 'seriously change my life attempt', but is also giving me the opportunity to pause and reflect on the impact on a daily basis. As a side benefit, my IT and web skills have improved and I may even consider setting up my own website in due course.  

  1. No alcohol – maintaining the stand and feeling better for it. It also impacts on #2
  2. Mindful eating – this, it has to be said, is easier at home than at work. It is also easier home alone, but one of the issues was eating with others when I didn't feel like it, so it is only to be expected. However, getting to know my food on a more intimate basis, makes it feel like it's doing me more good when I eat it.
  3. Daily body scan – No, no, no. Not getting it. Twitching away, sigh
  4. Charity shop shopping – not today, but did leaf through a magazine and thought to myself how much I didn't need all the pretty things
  5. Mindful breathing every hour – Yes, yes,yes. This one is working. I am sure my blood pressure and heart rate are reducing, no seriously
  6. Remembering my friends – Wow, I do love this change. Try it, just one day. It lightens the load.
  7. Smiling regularly – Have a new addition to this. Have prescribed myself one funny half hour programme daily! A good chortle, laugh out loud stuff. Will let you know how it goes
  8. Help if and when I can – Ah yes, I think this one needs more work
  9. Italian conversation class – I will get off to the library soon and find me a CD to make a start before my class.

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  1. I'm so pleased to be of help, and huge big congrats on all that you're achieving, lovely lady. xx