Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Change #4: Charity shop shopping

Yesterday I struggled to get into work skirt and broke the zip. Today I needed new clothes. I knew buying new clothes was a waste of money and resources because I have loads of clothes that will soon fit me because of my mindful eating and no alcohol regime. I needed to run some errands and drop my daughter off in my nearest town (large village), which has four Charity shops (and 16 pubs). Of course! I would save money, resources and lessen my impact on the environment if I bought second-hand clothes as a temporary measure. Posted on FB, emphasising the environmental factor. I tell myself, regularly, when I am with the flow going in the right direction, life is easier; when I am against the flow, life is tougher. First shop: one dress, never worn before at £4; one skirt, good make, lined at £2.50; three sweaters, all M&S, £2.50 each. Everything fitted, everything coordinated. In the flow, saving money, saving resources, smiling with a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Took it home, washed it, ironed it, added it all to my wardrobe.
You may be should know I have a previous relationship with charity shops. I used to wait for them to have clearance sales. I've moved on.

  1. No alcohol - no problem
  2. Mindful eating - need to be less distracted by conversation. I wrote the meal list for the week and it's full of vegetables
  3. Daily body scan - still twitching

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