Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Change #3: Daily Body Scan- Jon Kabat-Zinn

Thinking about my body so much reminded me about this exercise I used to do and could not remember why had stopped. As I have a chronic condition and so much research suggests mindfulness would help, and my own experience tells unselect it does, I thought I should get a grip and start practising what I preach. Again my public commitment via FB meant that when I stretched out my first 45 minute session with my bodyscan CD, I felt compelled to complete it. My legs twitched; my nose itched; a fly landed on me; the pigeons had a fight on the roof; my daughter knocked on the door; the phone rang; which I dutifully attempted to ignore, battling on with my deep relaxation with gritted teeth-luckily I have so many filled, with irony. I convinced myself this was a change that might take some time.
  1. No alcohol - went much better today, full success
  2. Mindful eating - mindful of most choices I made today. One autopilot sweetie in the car though

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