Friday, 10 September 2010

Change #6: Remembering my amazing friends

I posted on facebook last night that I would like some suggestions for my new regime of implementing a change every day for the next month. I was overwhelmed by fantastic suggestions, all of which have been noted and I am working on them. One of the responses from my good friend Cassie Tillet, was not to change too much because my friends like me just the way I am. Her suggestion received the thumbs up from a number of others.
And now here I am implementing change #6 to spend moments in my day remembering my amazing friends and how much they think of me. Sometimes in my enthusiasm to embrace new ideas, i am tempted to let go of basic principles and fundamentals that I hold dear. Obviously I too am held dear by a number of people and it has given me much cause for smiling through my day... now there's a thought. 
  1. No alcohol - Ah well, today we picked sloes to make this year's batch of sloe gin and our new addition sloe vodka. At this point we decant the sloes and sediment from last year's sloe gin. I t was too difficult not to sample the rich ruby liquid as it positively slid into the clean bottle. just a small sample, not a measure.
  2. Mindful eating - mindfully eating food that I would like to eat today
  3. Daily body scan - er, no
  4. Charity shop shopping - didn't do it, but recommended it to others
  5. Mindful breathing - not quite every hour, but pretty regularly throughout my day :)

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