Friday, 10 September 2010

Change #8: Helping if and when I can

Started work early and finished late today, plus lost track and was distracted out of changes I have started to implement. it simply isn't good enough. I need to be able to make and maintain changes that are useful to me and make me feel better than I did. The aim was to 'seriously change my life', not write a blog or maintain all my old habits.

New change is to help if and when I can and more importantly, not to feel guilty when I cannot. I find myself wondering what I am doing and starting to pull away from my connections with people to avoid being drawn into helping them out in whatever way. I love helping, although I do not really think it's in my nature, I believe it is learned behaviour! So my new motto or mantra is if I can I will, if I can't, I will... say 'no'. And change #7, smile, #5 breathe.
  1. No alcohol - this is going so well, apart from the urge to have a rather lovely glass of red whn I arrived home from work. Temptation only, see #2
  2. Mindful eating - yes indeed and is food not beautiful when you are considering the colours and textures of the food you are cooking too? Have decided to include mindful drinking here, luckily for me, see #1
  3. Daily body scan - too knackered for relaxation?
  4. Charity shops - on standby
  5. Mindful breathing - how did I ever survive before this?
  6. Spending moments remembering friends - this is fabulous and helps with #7
  7. Smiling regularly - tough at times, see #6, and read the rationale for doing it. yes it does create a happier sense of me

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