Wednesday, 18 May 2011


So I need to come back to the blog and see if seriously changing my life seriously changed my life.....

  1. No alcohol - this went incredibly well. There have been some occasions when I have given it up again, well one actually. The point is I now drink only what I want and when I want. I can very much enjoy a glass of wine or a real ale. I don't drink cheap plonk unless it tastes good. I only drink the amount I choose to drink. I don't refill my glass when it is part empty. I wait until I have savoured a glass, or sometimes half a glass, and then I add more if I really want it. I have had some great beer and curry nights; I have had some lovely restaurant meals with and without alcohol; I have had celebrations with friends and family, again with and without alcohol; and I have quiet nights in with a good movie and a good glass of wine. Alcohol is a friend and a luxury, a part of my life I am glad of and can enjoy. It is no longer a defence, a weapon, a punishment, an excuse. It is  a simple pleasure that I am glad I can afford, and could easily refrain from if ever the need arose.
  2. Mindful eating - a revelation. Increasing my awareness of what I eat, when I eat, what compunctions I follow, and what I avoid has opened my eyes to my relationship with food. Old habits die hard, but they do die. I am a stone lighter, eat fabulous meals, have sweeties and cakes, vegetables galore, almost no pastry.... I have learned to love eating and to love stopping when I have had enough. I no longer eat out of a sense of obligation. I no longer eat to keep others company or to make them feel better. I generally eat the healthy food I crave and am very aware that my craving for sweet things is a good indication of my increased stress. I practice my mindfulness, use my relaxation and am compassionate towards myself. I can often let go of the need, simply by being kind to myself.
  3. Daily body scan- I have not kept this up. I have increased my body awareness, and I have moved towards thinking compassionate thoughts as another means of achieving what this achieves. However, I reloaded it onto the ipod just two days ago and have done it twice already. There may be room for it after all.... we'll see.

So the first three changes have been updated. I'll add more as we go. Good to be back :)

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