Friday, 15 October 2010

Reviewing the situation

Blue tit on a fat ball
Sitting in my study watching the birds fighting over the seeds and the new fatball, I am struck by the simple pleasures in life. So far this morning I have seen blue tits, coal tits, starlings, sparrows, blackbirds, robins and treecreepers. This has been a week of consolidation and wondering. There have been changes that I have made over the past month or so that are really working for me. There are also changes that do not need daily input, eg organ donation. However, the most interesting for me today are those that so obviously improve my life, yet I find hard to maintain. I think perhaps these should be the focus for now.
  1. No alcohol – this continues to be mindful rather than abstinent. I had a tough day yesterday, witnessed the aftermath of a horrible crash, which took me back to a very similar incident last year in which 3 people died and I was a material witness. I wanted nothing more than a brandy when I came home and received a flea in my ear. I had a coffee, supper and went to bed with a book to distract myself.
  2. Mindful eating – This has moved on since I watched an interesting programme about the world's best diet. Not a losing weight diet, but healthy diets from around the globe. The Italians and their Mediterranean diet came out as the most healthy, but it also pointed out that the British diet, with appropriate portion control, is pretty healthy too. I am now monitoring my portions as well as eating lovely healthy food mindfully. Will keep you posted.
  3. Daily body scan – this has slipped, will do it definitely today
  4. Charity shop shopping – been looking for a coat, but nothing so far. Took a big bag full of stuff into the Red Cross shop locally.
  5. Mindful breathing every hour – not hourly but pretty regularly throughout the days. Interestingly, forgot yesterday while I was having a rubbish day, and can't help thinking now, it would have been one of the best things for me!
  6. Quince
  7. Remembering my friends – how can I forget them now? They are keeping me going. Plus I had a fabulous surprise from Cassie today - a beautiful Quince of Crimson and Gold for my garden which came in an enormous box through the post! Magical.
  8. Smiling regularly – some days are harder than others and my penchant for silly youtube videos has lapsed, think I'll hunt something out today. The birds are making me smile though.
  9. Help if and when I can – feeling less and less guilty when I say no, but probably still saying yes too much.
  10. Italian conversation class – missed it last night, but have my cds for practising in the car and speaking my limited vocab like a true italian.
  11. Becoming a blogger – Encouragement to continue is much appreciated.
  12. Writing 10 mins daily – only work stuff this week really.
  13. Drinking a glass of water every hour – Not hourly, but more regular than I was. This is one of the things that really makes a difference so not sure why it is not a stronger compulsion to carry it out.
  14. Thinking about it, before I say yes or no – think I may be thinking too much?
  15. Having my eyes tested – glasses still confusing my eyes.
  16. Walking in the fresh air every day – what is it about this that I won't do?
  17. Pilates core exercise throughout day – this is marvellous and I'm not sure whether to add in some more pilates. I have just started my Tai Chi, so I think one thing at a time - well obviously 25 things at a time!
  18. Listening to my needs – I am, and it makes me aware how much they are not met in some areas... :(
  19. Mindful spending – I am loving this. I'm getting a little obssessive, but I have such a strong goal focus now.
  20. Neck exercises – my neck has been so painful after all the traveling last week, so am doing them very gently.
  21. Accepting compliments – and gifts this week which was so lovely, and support and love too. I have actually been very lucky in my shit week!
  22. Really saying thank you to people – Yes, and loving it
  23. Mindful speaking – this is growing in me, but I find I have said less this week in total. Could not help myself at a clinical governance meeting and may well have overstepped the mark. My challenge for the meeting next month, should I choose to accept it, say nothing!
  24. Applying for position of school governor – still waiting...
  25. Tai chi class – was great, and I took a neighbour. Have exercises on a sheet and am already practising. I think it suits me very much. It is in the Lee style and only needs an arm stretch of space. The class also incorporaed Qi Gong exercises as the two are linked and, from my understanding integrated.
  26. Organ donation - Have let all my nearest and dearest know I am on the register so that if anything happens they can inform the right people.
Qi Gong elements

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