Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Change # 1: No alcohol 30/08/2010

Why does abstention feel rewarding and self-righteous with a hint of smugness thrown in? And why did I choose to start with this as change number one? What can I say? It popped in my head and once the idea was there, I felt committed. I was also encouraged to make some serious changes by a couple of responses I posted the need as my Facebook status. Several friends indicated they might feel the same way and wanted to know more. I had committed myself publicly, as it were, and I love a challenge. Private challenges are so much easier to discard-in the public eye some element changes. Change was what I felt I needed; changes my declaration; changes would have to be made. I'm enjoying social drinking I would now refrain totally. On 31 August I went out for a curry and forgot. My Cobra was fantastic with my food. I remembered, it was too late, and besides I had enjoyed it so much-no fb posting on that one. I think the reasons for refraining from drinking alcohol are as follows:
  • when I drink, I tend to eat too much and currently I feel that I am carrying excess weight that is not good for my health. And I feel that-alcohol equals calories
  • I spent nearly 4 years as a drug and alcohol counsellor and I know how little alcohol is required before it starts to have an impact
  • I work with people who have Korsakoff’s syndrome -look it up
  • I begrudge the idea of buying alcohol which is not good for my health, then simply weeing the money away
  • more than two glasses of alcohol upsets my medical condition
  • I begrudge buying a good bottle of wine and my hubby drinking most of it when I might want to have a single glass and save the rest for the following day!
  • I feel self-righteous when I don't drink
  • alcohol dehydrates me and my skin looks more wrinkled

  • I love a good glass of wine and I have some weird Puritan ethic drummed into me by my culture, that suggests it is morally superior to go without the things we like, therefore, change for the better = need to give something up. How sad is that?

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