Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Change #2: Mindful eating

The connection for change number two was directly related to number one, having realised that when I consume alcohol, I consume more food. Even I am aware that my need for food cannot be greater simply because I had a glass or two of wine. It made me think-not new thoughts admittedly, about how my eating patterns adjust to my environment. Okay apart from the obvious eat a curry in a curry house connection, I also eat more to try and make other people feel comfortable, or eat food that does not make me feel good because it is someone else's preference. At times, I see an empty plate before me and hardly noticed the food I ate, distracted by other things. I miss colourful food when I don't it and it makes my body ache if I don't have it. Answer = change number two. An FB buddy asked me to explain, so I was forced to explain in less than 420 characters: eating what I feel I need, when I'm hungry, ie not at prescribed mealtimes or because others want me to join them. Basically thinking about everything I eat and doing it mindfully not mindlessly.
Yes, I have food issues. I love my food, that is not an issue. I love really healthy food, that is not an issue. I love crisps, that is not an issue. I eat things I don't prefer, at times I don't prefer, in quantities I don't prefer-that is an issue. How to change it? Mindful eating may be an answer. And, I feel fat and ugly and I have been led to believe mindful eating = healthy weight and body.
Healthy choices

  1. No alcohol - didn't make it as a serious life change today, try again tomorrow

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