Saturday, 25 September 2010

Change # 15: walking in the fresh air every day

Ruby & Willow
This was on my list of possibilities from my good friend, Ruby. I like the simplicity of it, knowing how amazing a walking meditation can be, and knowing how much I need to feel a part of nature. I am incredibly lucky to live in a very small village where nature is literally on my doorstep. My difficulty may be my physical health. However, I can do just a few minutes to at least make a start at being out in the fresh air. Another possibility is to drive with all the windows down and the roof open. It's less in touch, but at least it means I get a full fresh air hit on a daily basis. There is something so soothing about taking the time for a stroll, watching the movement of nature, breathing in those negative ions. Positive ions are the kind that hang around near your computer!



  1. No alcohol – the success here is making me feel positive about forming new habits
  2. Mindful eating – always aware now and beginning to understand what some of my stuff is about eating to make other people feel comfortable
  3. Daily body scan – soothing, mostly, also find it time consuming
  4. Charity shop shopping – nothing to report shopping wise, but thought you might like to know UNICEF is the charity a support through giving
  5. Mindful breathing every hour – remembering is difficult when I am in a work situation
  6. Remembering my friends – don't do this all day, but enought to bring myself that lovely smile
  7. Smiling regularly – do this when I remember and when I sudenly realise the levels of tension in my body. Also found a great ad for a Rav 4, which I drive!
  8. Help if and when I can – This is so connected to #13. I need to either incorporate them or prise them apart!
  9. Italian conversation class – Still no library visit. I will, I will
  10. Becoming a blogger – It's becoming easier and I know people are reading it. Also when I have to stop and think what impact each change is having on me, I am really stopping and thinking, in a way I have not been doing while my life has been skidding past me!
  11. Writing 10 mins daily – only the blog the last couple of days
  12. Drinking a glass of water every hour – not every hour, but certainly about 6-8 a day
  13. Thinking about it, before I say yes or no – trying so hard, but see 8!
  14. Having my eyes tested – Done and sorted, new reading glasses required


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