Monday, 11 October 2010

Change # 25: Organ donor register

Well, I think this will be the last change I implement and 25 seems like a good number. It is the number of days approximately that it takes the sun to do a complete rotation on itself - which may just be a sign that I'm going round in circles! However, I will continue with the blog as I assess the impact of the changes and begin to work out which ones are really benefitting me and which ones I can let go of ( sorry about ending the sentence with a preposition). This was a suggestion from Krystian all those weeks ago, when I asked for suggestions from my fb buddies. I've always had a problem with organ donation. I'm not squeamish, but something about this makes me feel decidely creepy. I remember watching a tv programme when I was probably much too young, about dead people, suddenly not being dead - and you would be gutted if they'd nicked your useful bits wouldn't you? Anyway I have faced my fear, and my name is now on the register. I only hope my bits are more useful after I'm gone than they appear to be now! After all they don't want anymore of my blood, and I used to be a regular donor! It's the fm.

  1. No alcohol – so this has been mindful alcohol for a while now and I have discovered that 2 glasses of red wine causes me increased pain, headache and general deterioration in how good I feel.
  2. Mindful eating – less carbs and more colourful food makes Alic a happy girl
  3. Daily body scan – I don't think this is realsitic every day, need to work out what is a helpful level.
  4. Charity shop shopping – Might go this week as I have need of a new coat and the one I have seen is not environmentally or financially very positive!
  5. Mindful breathing every hour – aware that I am making this more deep breathing and that is not what I was aiming for. Need to take the time to simply breathe rather than rushing it.
  6. Remembering my friends – every time I think of them I smile. I have also just posted two postcards.
  7. Smiling regularly – there is a need to feel all the emotions too. Have been reading about the benefits of reading fiction, outweighing the benefits of reading self-help manuals and the like.
  8. Help if and when I can – am sorting out the second part of this more easily - and not feeling guilty when I cannot. Haven't done any work today on my day off which I have not managed for months.
  9. Italian conversation class – Anthony is picking up my cds for me. Have had a little practice from my class notes today.
  10. Becoming a blogger – Stuff is out there!
  11. Writing 10 mins daily – done some of this. Not giving myself a topic just writing, it's incredible what comes out of the pen.
  12. Drinking a glass of water every hour – improving again. Wait....that was my 4pm one
  13. Thinking about it, before I say yes or no – am doing a little analysis after the event too!
  14. Having my eyes tested –
  15. Walking in the fresh air every day – Walked a mile and a half yesterday, sore today. Walked just 10 mins today.
  16. Pilates core exercise throughout day – this makes my back click!
  17. Listening to my needs – vegetables, water, laughter... going well
  18. Mindful spending – have seriously started my Christmas collection, which begins tentatively about Easter time. Mindful of spreading the load
  19. Neck exercises – saw osteo today, worked me hard so am being careful.
  20. Accepting compliments – not so many I have to bat them off exactly, but accepting those that come.
  21. Really saying thank you to people – this has lapsed a bit this week. Will think more and bring it back in.
  22. Mindful speaking – choosing more silence, but people think I'm sulking or 'in a mood'. of course I'm in A mood, unless I'm mindful breathing!
  23. Applying for position of school governor – still waiting for voting slips to arrive.
  24. Tai chi class – starts tomorrow night, have persuaded my neighbour to come with me too. 

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  1. Well done, lovely. Some fabulous reading and inspiring actions! You're right - 25 changes is quite enough to be going on with... but we very much hope you won't stop writing - it's always a pleasure to read. xxx